State Farm Neighborhood Sessions is a music series that celebrates the music, artists, and the good neighbors back home who inspired them. In the second rendition of Neighborhood Sessions, we went back to the hometown of Toby Keith and celebrated the good neighbors of Moore/Norman, Oklahoma. The event was held in the intimate backyard of Hollywood Corners, a local deli loved by the community and Toby Keith.


Moore/Norman, Oklahoma is located in America’s Tornado Alley and has been the site of devastating tornadoes. Even through such adversity, the community has been able to rise, rebuild, and overcome with the help of its people. By bringing Toby Keith back to his hometown, we wanted to take this chance to tell the city’s resilient story and give thanks to the good neighbors that are inspiring greatness.


By taking over the entirety of Hollywood Corners, we created an intimate experience that fully immersed attendees from the beginning to the very end of the event. Stories of the community’s people were featured on giant floor-to-ceiling wood panels. We create State Farm branded artwork, props, and beverages tributed to the spirit and community of Moore/Norman.


With Hollywood Corners being the central hub of the community, it only made sense to bring the music event to the people directly in the backyard. We built a stage using repurposed wood pallets. Five hundred invites were sent out to the people of Moore/Norman community, inviting them to be a part of this special and intimate performance from Toby Keith.